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Platform Source code Link
Telegram Bot latest @LedgerKeeperBot
Android latest Google Play
Android AAR Library latest Kotlin ready aar library
Apple iPhone latest Appstore
MacOs latest
Windows App UWP latest
Windows Command line x86 .Net Core 2.0
Windows Command line x86 .Net Framework 4.x
Linux x86 elf
Linux .NETCore 2.0 arm (Raspberry Pi) latest
Pure Javascript version
Web version latest
PHP Command line client latest
PHP Node latest
ASP.NET latest

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Command line

The command line is the official tool to manage the blockchain, the main commands are the following.

Download ledger command -d {filename} -b {bootstrapUrl}
View last block command –lastblock -b {bootstrapUrl}
Run node as archiver command –archiver -p {portNumber} -b {bootstrapUrl} -x {blockchainKey}
Run node command -p {portNumber} -b {bootstrapUrl} -x {blockchainKey}
Submit information command –nickname {myNickname} –filename {filename} –note {note} -b {bootstrapUrl} -x {blockchainKey}

important note: the filename is not uploaded, the blockchain stores only the sha256 fingerprint. You need to keep it stored into a safe place.
Submit information (manually generate sha256) command –nickname {myNickname} –signature {sha256} –note {note} -b {bootstrapUrl} -x {blockchainKey}
Submit raw data json command -jj {json} -b {bootstrapUrl} -x {blockchainKey}
Submit raw data escaped command -js {stringify} -b {bootstrapUrl} -x {blockchainKey}

Command can be defined as
Mac OS



linux (inside Windows 10)
PHP php -f commandline.php
.NET Core dotnet Command.dll

You are not authorised to re-distribute any sources or modify it without explicit permission.

You can find the {bootstrapUrl} and {blockchainKey} here: